Preserving and protecting heritage and rare breed poultry.

Threatened Heritage Poultry

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Lanson Family Farms & Hatchery
St. Augustine, Florida   

 State of Florida Registered Poultry Producer -  Premises Id:  00KD3N2
NPIP Number #58-1886-E

    The Ellison family is pleased to be able to offer quality rare and endangered breeds of heritage poultry. Through careful selection we have brought together the best breeding stock available from reputable breeders throughout the US.  We keep high standards to protect breed interigaty and purity.  We always use two or more breeders to assure our customers a rich genetic and diversified blood line.  
    We introduced natural pet products to the US consumer in 1978 through our sister company Natural Animal . We have been committed to a natural life style for over thirty years. Our family continues with this approach with the way we breed and raise our flocks. We custom blend our feeds combining herbs, locally grown corn, oyster shell, diatomaceous earth and trace minerals to give our birds the best that nature has to offer.
    Many people ask us where the name "Lanson" Family Farms came from.  It is the combination of my dedicated partner and wife's maiden name Laney and my name Ellison.  This has been a life long partnership in many endeavors.  My wife is the chief operation officer of Natural Animal and I an dedicated to our poultry project.
    Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and deliver quality poultry and natural pet products. Our mission is to preserve some of the most endangered poultry breeds in the United States.  Our breeding programs produce quality birds with the emphasis  on diverse blood lines.  We free range our birds on a rotation basis to give them the opprotunity to forage on our farm.  Happy and Healthy Poultry Naturally!

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